Troll suggests CNN’s Mary Katharine Ham exchanged “sexual favors” to appear on AC360

Conservative commentator and CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham was accused of exchanging “sexual favors” in return for appearances, such as tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360 spot.

In one tweet, Ham’s troll said, “You spent some time laying on your back to get a spot on tv!”

In another instance, the troll said, “Your arrogance is ANNOYING- next random chick up please Anderson CNN her 15 min are up!”

Before joining CNN, Ham was a Fox News commentator.

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  1. For a moment I thought, “Isn’t MK the one the National Enquirer accused of having an affair with Ted Cruz.”

    But then I remembered — no that was former Ted Cruz spokeswoman and CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter.

    A charge Ms. Carpenter vehemently denied.

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