Kathy Griffin appears to insinuate Jake Tapper is the next newsman to fall

After the news circulated that CNN had fired Jake Tapper’s State of the Union senior producer Teddy Davis for “inappropriate behavior,” Kathy Griffin responded to the tweet in a rather cryptic manner: “Tick tock, Jake.”

Earlier today, NBC News was in the news itself for the firing of legendary Today anchor Matt Lauer for alleged sexual harassment.
When a follower asked about Griffin’s tweet, Tapper replied, “No idea what she’s talking about. Maybe just how inevitably there will soon be another — but it sure won’t be me.”

6 replies

  1. So John Glennon, you don’t think as incredibly close — like brother and sister — Kathy and Anderson Cooper used to be, that it’s very possible she heard things (i.e., CNN rumors)?

  2. Don’t you think Kathy Griffin has sour grapes for CNN after they fired her and ANYTHING she says about a CNN employee probably is baloney? I wouldn’t believe her under any circumstances. She’s totally unreliable and unbalanced.

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