Monica Lewinsky puts HLN on blast over upcoming How It Really Happened special on her “scandal”

Former Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky put HLN on blast on Twitter today, following its announcement that it will air as a two-hour special, part of the network’s show, How It Really Happened, hosted by Hill Harper.

As the release noted, the two-hour retrospective features new interviews with former Clinton advisers, White House journalists, and other key players including Wolf Blitzer, CNN anchor; John King, CNN anchor and chief national correspondent; Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser and friend; Lucianne Goldberg, former literary agent to Linda Tripp; Solomon Wisenberg, former prosecutor from the Office of Independent Council; and Michael Isikoff, Yahoo! News chief investigative correspondent.

As PageSix reports, she crossed out ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal’ and offered a better, more historically appropriate title, especially in light of recent events. Lewinsky wrote, “HLN to revisit ‘The Starr Investigation. The Clinton Impeachment’ with two hour special.”

Sharon Robles said, “When it’s a woman, it’s a ‘scandal’ when it’s a man, it’s an ‘investigation’.”

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