CNN cancels Showbiz, cuts back Cafe CNN

In addition to the recent departures of Patricia Janiot and morning show anchor Carlos Montero, CNN en Español is canceling its Los Angeles-based entertainment program, Showbiz, reports MediaMoves.

Furthermore, the morning show Cafe CNN is being downsized from a three hour program to just two hours, according to the report.

10 to 15 jobs are expected to be lost as a result of the cancelation of Showbiz.

MediaMoves says staffers were told to expect more changes in a meeting.

A CNN spokesperson didn’t comment on the layoffs, but said this of the changes: “CNN en Español is strengthening its content-generation capabilities to further position itself as the premiere Spanish-language cross platform news content business in the Americas. This includes investment and reallocation of resources to maximize the digital and TV newsgathering functions, increase content generation and optimize production resources. As responsibilities in the network shift, overall network headcount will increase.”

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