Erica Hill: I’ve stayed silent about harassment for too long

HLN anchor Erica Hill delivered a powerful monologue during her HLN show, On the Story. In regards to the recent allegations against powerful figures in the media and entertainment world, both CNN and HLN have hosted many panel discussions and specials on the topic.

Today, Hill got personal.

“I haven’t been physically assaulted, and it is really sad that I consider myself almost lucky to have avoided that,” she said.

She recounted how former bosses and co-anchors had demeaned her — including former CBS This Morning anchor Charlie Rose. She didn’t specifically name him in her monologue, but when she appeared later on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, she did.

Of Rose, Hill said, “[He] made it very clear I was in the way — who decided I would be allowed to speak on our program when he pointed at me. Imagine a seventy-year old man pointing his finger at you; that’s the sign I was allowed to ask a question. What an honor to be given a privilege to be allowed to do my job: with a point.”


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