Don Lemon “devastated” he wasn’t selected as Anderson Cooper’s NYE co-host

After CNN announced it had hired Andy Cohen to co-host its iconic New Year’s Eve broadcast alongside Anderson Cooper, a NYE contributor to the show, anchor Don Lemon, was apparently “devastated,” reports RadarOnline.

Lemon normally hosts a portion of the show after the ball drops Eastern time; he is typically in New Orleans, alongside fellow anchor Brooke Baldwin.

“After Kathy was fired, [Lemon] made it clear that he wanted the job,” a source told the gossip site.

But, “Instead of giving the job to a member of the family, Anderson brought in an outsider, Andy. Anderson has never been especially nice to Don,” the source said. “Little does he know that Andy is super ambitious, and much more likely to try and replace him than Don would!”

5 replies

  1. Cooper and Cohen have been friends for many years, which isn’t the case with Lemon.

    Plus who’s to say AC doesn’t feel the same way as many of us about DL. Namely, that at times Lemon exhibits an aloof and off-putting arrogance that would possibly chase away as many NYE viewers as it would attract.

  2. ” . . . another year of Lemon and Baldwin getting pissed on air. . .” Hey, that’s why I’m going to the Spotted Cat! You supposed to make a fool of yourself on NYE–it’as dress rehearsal for Mardi Gras!

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