Bill Weir’s The Wonder List ends

The Wonder List with Bill Weir has ended.

On Facebook, Weir acknowledged the news, saying in part, “It makes me a bit misty, because last night was our last show. For now.”

Originally hired by CNN as an anchor, he eventually transitioned into one of its CNN Original series’ hosts. Since then, he recently hosted a political special and reported relentlessly from Puerto Rico.

He continued, “I really miss breaking news…and I really miss America.” Referencing his recent reporting, he continued, “After stretching the day-of-air muscles in Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys during hurricane season, I’m inspired to take my team into the homeland and dig into the biggest stories of the day. ”

However, The Wonder List may return to some degree, Weir hinted. “We’ll still produce long-form specials and hope to keep The Wonder List alive in some form or fashion.”

6 replies

  1. Bill Weir’s Wonder List was always at the top of my list for watching TV something I’m very choosy about, /loved The Peru program especially/ and will miss him.

  2. With their status / air time in decline it makes me wonder who will disappear altogether from cable news FIRST.

    Will it be Bill Weir or Julie Banderas over at Fox News?

  3. My wife and I watch The Wonder List hosted by Bill Weir every summer weekend and totally miss it! we expect it every Sunday just right after the Parts Unknown!
    we love you Tony B.

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