Hala Gorani Tonight to debut tomorrow

As I exclusively reported almost two weeks ago, The World Right Now with Hala Gorani was to rebrand as Hala Gorani Tonight.

CNN has made that official, putting out a press release. In it, they note the show will use “a more conversational style to take viewers beyond the headlines.” As our source put it our exclusive report, “more Hala.”

Gorani commented, “Our aim is to break down the day’s news, curating the stories that matter and getting into exactly why they are important. The show will go beyond a news bulletin and provide insight and analysis in a lively, entertaining hour that will leave viewers fully briefed.”

Mike McCarthy, svp of programming for CNN International, said, “The world has changed almost beyond recognition in the past three years, and the need to put such change into context has never been greater. There are few people who can do that like Hala, and this new show will allow her to use her formidable skill and intellect to give viewers the full picture.”

Hala Gorani Tonight debuts tomorrow, Nov. 6.

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