Call me skeptical: Jake Tapper anchoring 11pm “special”

Love him or hate him, Jake Tapper is about as marquee at CNN as Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.

Tonight, reports Brian Stelter, he will anchor an 11:00pm special on the network, The Russia Investigation.

Also tonight, Shannon Bream will be premiering on the Fox News Channel with her new program, Fox News @ Night.

Maybe I’m being unfairly skeptical, but I find it more than a coincidence that Tapper is anchoring a primetime special (though as I’ve documented, he’s hosted plenty, and should just move to primetime) the same night that Fox News is debuting a new program — when Don Lemon usually just anchors two hours of CNN Tonight anyway.

Tapper is a far more competent anchor and political journalist than Lemon and there is plenty of news with the Russian-related indictments, but the point remains… Coincidence or no?

2 replies

  1. Don Lemon is more than a competent reporter, plus he shows comportment, compassion, a pleasant nature, a sense of humor and of course more handsome than anyone else.

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