Max Foster gets to ‘talk’ twice a week now

CNN has given Max Foster a vote of confidence: now, the host of CNN Talk will get to talk twice a week. Instead of just having the show on Fridays, it will also have a fresh episode on Mondays as well.

The show airs at 7am on CNN International and debuted back in May. At the time, it was billed as a show to dissect the big stories of the week as several key elections and political events.

In addition to airing on CNN, CNN Talk airs simultaneously on Facebook Live.

4 thoughts on “Max Foster gets to ‘talk’ twice a week now

  1. Does anyone really think that this show in anything other than to not having to bother with producing a real news bulletin? And also to feed the ego of Max Foster.

  2. The problem is the combination of disinformation and mass-profiling. Democracy is about making informed choices on who to vote for, not about being manipulated in voting on false pretences. Cambridge Analytica and The politicians using their services are the culprites and Facebook is the fool.

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