Move over, Kathy; it’s the Coop and Cohen show!

After CNN cut ties with Kathy Griffin, rumors swirled as to who would serve as Anderson Cooper’s co-host for the New Year’s Eve bash. Cooper was rumored to have wanted his longtime friend Andy Cohen to be his new co-host.

Today, the network made it official: Cohen will be Cooper’s new co-host and sideick.

“Andy is the life of the party wherever he goes, and what bigger party is there than New Year’s Eve? It is going to be a blast!” Cooper said in a prepared statement.

Said Cohen, “I’ve been friends with Anderson for twenty-five years. We’ve travelled the world together and performed in 30 plus cities with “AC2″ and it’s all led to this one huge night!”

The gapfest will be titled New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

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  1. Haven’t Cooper and Cohen been friends for years…which is not the case for him and Lemon. Plus Lemon IMO has some personality quirks which turn people off — which of course could mean potential viewers.

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