CNN correspondents shuffled around

CNN is shuffling around and promoting some of its bureau correspondents, according to TVNewser’s report. Jessica Schneider has been relocated from CNN’s New York bureau to CNN’s Washington bureau and promoted to Justice correspondent. Also in the Washington bureau, Boris Sanchez has landed the weekend White House reporting gig.

Miguel Marquez will leave the New York bureau and head to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau. In the same bureau, Kyung Lah has been promoted from national correspondent to senior national correspondent, based in LA.

Former CNN Newsource correspondent Polo Sandoval, previously based out of the CNN Center, will relocate to New York City and serve as a general assignment correspondent.

And lastly, Rosa Flores will depart Chicago for the Miami bureau.

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  1. And who cares! CNN is not what it used to be, now is partisan, petty and hater of different views than theirs. The panel they show daily they all sing the same song, the same ideas the same sound bytes. Boring!, oh and if you disagree with them there is Lemon and Anderson and Ball (the worst) to beat you up just stopping short of the name calling. Very sad!

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