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S.E. Cupp to host 7pm hour on HLN

Conservative commentator and CNN contributor S.E. Cupp will be taking her talents to HLN beginning in June, reports Variety, where she will host a nightly program at 7pm, leading up to Ashleigh Banfield’s Primetime Justice.

Cupp previously co-hosted Crossfire on CNN alongside Van Jones, Stephanie Cutter, and Newt Gingrich.

Known for her political stances, Cupp hopes to branch out in this new HLN show, according to Variety. “I think it’s inarguable that there’s still a lot to talk about when it comes to politics, but I also think like a lot of regular people, we are kind of looking to talk about some other stuff again,” she said, adding, “These are not the conversations shaping up in the halls of Capitol Hill, but the conversations on your back porch.”

Her show will instead focus on pop culture, parenting, sports and crime.

“You won’t always agree with me, but I’ll always be honest and I will ask my guests to be the same.”

1 Comment on S.E. Cupp to host 7pm hour on HLN

  1. What a waste of S. E.’s political and journalistic skills; talking about crime and pop culture? What could be more repetitive and boring? I’m sure she will do a wonderful job of whatever she decides to do, but using a person that GOT UNDER TRUMP’S SKIN for a mamby-pamby woman’s show?

    Cowards, CNN?

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