John Berman, Poppy Harlow switch their intros around, citing PwC

Following the Oscars switchup that had the wrong film announced as the winner, on Monday morning, CNN Newsroom anchors John Berman and Poppy Harlow had a bit of fun at the top of their show.

Harlow introduced herself as Berman, and Berman introduced himself as Harlow.

“At least according to Pricewaterhouse,” Berman joked. “Too soon?”

Anderson Cooper had an executive from PwC scheduled to appear on his show, but then, 45 minutes before the show aired, the executive canceled.

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  1. Watching a video of “tourists” meeting T Rump at the White House. The young man called out of the audience by T Rump CLEARLY flashes the hand signal for WHITE POWER…thee fingers out to form a W and thumb and index finger forming the P. No, I am NOT crazy. Watch and report. T ump uses this all the time and his advisor, Steve Miller, has been caught doing it

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