Jeff Zucker calls Congressional leaders response to Trump’s media attacks “gutless”

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker put Congresssional leaders on blast for their response (or lack thereof) to President Trump’s attacks on the media as “gutless,” reports CNBC.

“I do think that one of the things that has surprised me is how gutless many Congressional leaders have been in standing up to these attacks on the media,” Zucker said at the Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center in New York City, in a discussion with Wolf Blitzer.

He proceeded to praise Senator John McCain’s response to Trump, saying a free press is “vital.” CNN will conduct a town hall debate tomorrow, March 1, with McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham.

“I think bashing the media, trying to delegitimize the media, plays very well with his base, and I also think he’s trying to, you know, protect himself a little bit in case something comes out in the future that he doesn’t like or that is not is good for him,” Zucker said. “He’s setting up the idea that what’s out there is not real, is fake.”

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