Conservative provocateur targets CNN with release of “a few hundred hours” of secret leaks

Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III has threatened to release “a few hundred hours” of “secretly recorded material” from inside CNN. It is expected to be released around 10am on Thursday. He is calling the unveiling “CNN Leaks.”

In an interview with Brian Stelter, he said, “This is all legally recorded information.”

“My audience, the American people, are deeply upset at the media,” he said, explaining why he is targetting CNN. “We think our media needs to be held to account, and CNN is kind of the leader of that. CNN has a very important role as an arbiter of news.”

In a Huffington Post report, it is revealed that although it is all from CNN, it will come from different newsrooms.

A CNN spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from HuffPo.

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