Michael Smerconish goes to primetime to fix the divide

During President Trump’s first week in office, CNN’s Saturday morning talk show host, Michael Smerconish, took his eponymous program to 9pm on Friday night. That special performed moderately well, with 361,000 demo viewers tuning in, putting it in first place for CNN primetime for that night. (Comparatively, it put CNN in third place in the demo overall, behind both Fox and MSNBC).

Tonight, Smerconish will again air at 9pm, examining the first four weeks of Trump’s presidency, and offering his take on how to “fix the divide.”

2 replies

  1. I’ve been watching the white house debacle for a bit over a month now,and am begining to see a
    similarity to what Hitler was doing in Germany during the early 1930’s to get rid of the press and installing his propaganda machine.The question that rises to the surface is: Is Trump insane or what? there is no way that will ever work again! (I hope)

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