U.S. Senator gives CNN anchors advice on how to have a successful show

On Thursday’s edition of CNN Newsroom, which just relaunched, now anchored by John Berman and Poppy Harlow, the duo asked Senator Roy Blunt his thoughts on Kellyanne Conway’s comments, urging Fox News viewers to go buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing. (Which likely violated ethics rules).

Blunt sidestepped the question, indicating he hadn’t heard the interview or seen the media coverage of it.

But Harlow persisted, informing the senator of exactly what Conway said.

When she did that, Blunt offered the CNN anchors some advice on how to maintain a successful news program. “She responded,” said Blunt, as reported by the Daily Caller. “You know, you are not going to be successful with this program or others, if you ask people constantly to comment on a question somebody else in the news just asked somebody else. I think Kellyanne is doing a good job, she is going to continue to do her job.” He added, “I suspect she will answer the questions she is asked.”

Berman said diplomatically, “I understand you didn’t hear it, but I appreciate your time, and thank you for coming on our” first week as the anchors of Newsroom.

The interview ended on a more gentler note, with Blunt wishing them well. “Good luck with the show.”

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