Carol Costello talks new HLN show

Carol Costello, who signed off of CNN Newsroom last Friday ahead of her move to Los Angeles to be with her husband, talked to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about her new HLN show.

Although the network isn’t saying when her show will begin or what time it will air, Costello said to the AJC, “I do know what the show will be.”

She explained, “HLN wants to do a very newsy show that will focus more on the Midwest and Southeast, more on the people level and how politics will affect them.”

According to the AJC’s report, she is focusing on hiring a staff of writers and producers — and doing so quickly.

“I do a very successful show now,” she said, referring to her 9am CNN Newsroom broadcast, saying the current HLN structure is focused on winning. “I would not have gone to another network even in the family if I didn’t want to win.”

Continuing the old CNN Headline News model, Costello says they will “whip through stuff,” and “won’t waste your time,” and hopes to have fewer commentators and analysts on her HLN show.

Before her HLN show begins, she says, she will write for and report for CNN.

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