CNN insider: Unlikely Tamron Hall will land at CNN

Many in the commentariat on Twitter seem to be at a loss on where former NBC News anchor Tamron Hall will go, now that she has left NBC/MSNBC. Previously, when Jeff Zucker was formatting New Day and Erin Burnett refused to leave her primetime slot to join the morning show, the New York Post reported he was considering wooing her to join the morning show at CNN.

But, now that she’s gone from NBC, don’t expect to see her turn up at CNN any time soon, urges a source to the Daily Beast, calling it “unlikely.”

In years past, reports Lloyd Grove, a CNN source said, Hall had discussed going to CNN when her NBC contract ended, but her salary demands were labeled too pricey.

In the statement about her departure, Hall said, “I’m also very excited about the next chapter.”

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  1. CBS becomes a real possibility. Also, if AT&T is forced to sell CNN, then CBS buys it and places her in both spots. Plus a weekend opening at CNN in Poppy’s slot. That is the time period that is the groom for daytime.

      • If that’s the case, she has no opportunity in cable news. Then again as others pointed out, salary demands without guaranteed ratings kept her out of the 9a opening recently given to Poppy Harlow. Only spot can be seen is the 1p hour that’s Wolf, Brianna Keiler is groomed for that.

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