Trump feels “personally betrayed” by CNN’s Jeff Zucker

According to New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, the reason President Donald Trump is going after CNN, in part anyway, may be personal.

According to sources in Sherman’s reporting, “Trump has told White House staffers that he feels personally betrayed by CNN chief Jeff Zucker.” Trump feels that CNN should cover him more favorably since Zucker put Trump on the air at NBC for The Apprentice.

“This is entirely personal,” one CNN high-level source said to the magazine. “Trump thinks just because he’s known Jeff that CNN should be covering him like Fox News does.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to dismiss Gabriel’s reporting. “To think he’s sitting around worried about Jeff Zucker is a little ridiculous,” Spicer said.

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  1. Trump would feel betrayed by a bull frog.He’d feel the bull frog had more lilly pads than him.This is how rediculous and fragile his ego is.

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