CNN to debut new show at New York Stock Exchange

Following the cancelation of Nina Dos Santos’ business show from CNN London, CNN today announced that it will be launching a new business show, live from the New York Stock Exchange, Quest Express.

Richard Quest’s new show begins Monday, January 30, at 5 GMT/12 noon ET, replacing the thirty-minute edition of the International Desk. Quest will continue anchoring the afternoon show, Quest Means Business.

The 30-minute show will offer a quick-fire briefing on the latest market movements and business stories, building a bridge between the close of the European trading day, the opening of the markets in New York, and the start of the business day in Silicon Valley.

“The show will be like a shot of coffee: getting you quickly into the essential business stories at a crucial point in the day. We’ll show the way the markets are linking together as trading unfolds and how wealth fuels global decision making,” Quest said.

In addition, CNNMoney with Maggie Lake, which airs in the morning at 9am ET, will also move to the new NYSE studio beginning Monday. Lake said, “Moving to the NYSE will give us a dynamic backdrop to the day, and a chance to get into the thick of the action right at the heart of the marketplace.”

Mike McCarthy, svp of programming at CNNI, said of the move, “The NYSE provides the perfect setting both for this new show and CNNMoney with Maggie Lake, giving us unrivalled access to the markets at the beating heart of the global economy.”

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