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CNN to air election special hosted by Van Jones

CNN has announced that on Tuesday, December 6 at 9pm, CNN political contributor Van Jones will host a post-election special, The Messy Truth.

One month after election night, Jones will explore how voters are feeling about the unprecedented election of Donald Trump. The program will include Jones’s conversations with Americans from across the political spectrum and special guests including former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, documentary film maker Michael Moore, and CNN Political Commentator and Republican strategist Ana Navarro.

During the one-hour live special, Jones and the special guests will take questions from a live studio audience at the Time Warner Center in New York. The program will also feature Jones’s interviews with Trump supporters in Ohio, where he traveled earlier this week.


1 Comment on CNN to air election special hosted by Van Jones

  1. This would be good if I got to pick the Ohioans. Hint: would include a guy in a hat with a cup.

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