Trump blasted CNN, Jeff Zucker in meeting with news executives

President-elect Donald Trump met with TV news executives and anchors today from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC/MSNBC, and Fox News — and the New York Post reported on how Trump blasted CNN.

“Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,” the Post source gossiped.

“Trump kept saying, ‘We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong. He addressed everyone in the room calling the media dishonest, deceitful liars. He called out Jeff Zucker by name and said everyone at CNN was a liar, and CNN was network of liars.'”

CNN’s Zucker, Erin Burnett and Wolf Blitzer were in attendance.

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  1. Wonder if they talked the Wikileaks dump the Media Ignored the Monday before the election. The one PROVING Jake tapper & Wolf Blitzer to be collusionists and therefore propagandists? Talk about “fake news” more like #nazimedia. B/C the Nazi’s colluded with the German Media to dupe their public. How’d that one work out??

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