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State of the Race rebranded as State of America

Through at least Inauguration Day, State of the Race will continue on CNN International, hosted by CNN/US anchor Kate Bolduan — only beginning Monday, it will be branded as State of America.

The program launched in early May as a way for international viewers to follow the US election.

Bolduan was regularly joined by a panel of pundits, live from the New York bureau. The show airs out of the same studio as CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.


3 Comments on State of the Race rebranded as State of America

  1. Pointless show, just means CNN will keep going on and on about the election for many more months and ignore the rest of the news and the world

  2. Kate Bolduan seems to think she’s hosting “The Daily Show” rather than a serious news program. I’d like to see her exercise more objectivity in her reporting and not pepper her lead-ins with cynical remarks about “The Trump Transition.”

  3. I like State of America with Kate, hope we keep seeing it. Now that Trump can have a military dictator from Egypt come visit with instructions to wear a suit, despite El-sisi murdering opposition and no free speech allowed there…totalling shocking!!!

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