State of the Race rebranded as State of America

Through at least Inauguration Day, State of the Race will continue on CNN International, hosted by CNN/US anchor Kate Bolduan — only beginning Monday, it will be branded as State of America.

The program launched in early May as a way for international viewers to follow the US election.

Bolduan was regularly joined by a panel of pundits, live from the New York bureau. The show airs out of the same studio as CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

5 replies

  1. Kate Bolduan seems to think she’s hosting “The Daily Show” rather than a serious news program. I’d like to see her exercise more objectivity in her reporting and not pepper her lead-ins with cynical remarks about “The Trump Transition.”

  2. I like State of America with Kate, hope we keep seeing it. Now that Trump can have a military dictator from Egypt come visit with instructions to wear a suit, despite El-sisi murdering opposition and no free speech allowed there…totalling shocking!!!

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