Jake Tapper casts doubt on Donna Brazile’s future at CNN after the election

In an interview that aired Thursday morning, State of the Union anchor Jake Tapper spoke of the leaked emails that reveal somehow, then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile sent a question to a Hillary Clinton aide that was then similarly asked to her at a town hall that CNN and TV One co-hosted.

The town hall, co-moderated by CNN’s Tapper and TV One’s Roland Martin, occurred back in March.

Brazile somehow managed to get the question and forwarded it to Clinton’s team.

But Tapper says the leak definitely didn’t come from inside CNN, and indicates it had to have come from Martin or his team, pointing out the question wasn’t asked by him, but by the TV One host.

Tapper said, “It’s very, very troubling. Look, I have — I have tremendous regard for — for Donna Brazile, and she’s — she’s a good person and a nice person; and I like her a lot. But the action — whatever took place here — and I know that I had nothing to do with it, and I know that CNN — we were so closely guarding our documents, you couldn’t even — they weren’t ever e-mailed around. And this was a — I think this was a follow-up question that Roland Martin was going to ask, theoretically.”

CNN suspended its contract with Brazile in July when she became the interim chair of the DNC.

Explaining how she must have gotten the question, he said, “And this was not one of CNN’s questions. This was Roland Martin — a Roland Martin follow-up. So, my understanding is he, somebody on his team got that question to Donna Brazile.”

“Journalistically, it’s horrifying — absolutely — and I’m sure it will have an impact on partnering with — with this organization in the future. And I’m sure that it will have an effect on — Donna Brazile is no longer with CNN, because she’s head of the DNC right now—But I’m sure it will have some impact on — on Donna Brazile.”

(H/t NewsBusters)

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