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Ashleigh Banfield moves to HLN, 8pm

Following Nancy Grace’s departure from HLN 8pm in October, CNN announced today who will be filling her shoes: CNN’s Legal View anchor, Ashleigh Banfield.

Banfield will be moving to 8pm on HLN. August 23rd will be Banfield’s last day in the Legal View show. She will continue to appear on CNN, offering legal analysis and substitute anchoring.

In an interal memo, it was said of her, “Ashleigh and her distinct journalistic style is the perfect fit as we continue to refocus on our news roots…”

She begins on HLN October 17.

Inside Politics, hosted by John King, will take Banfield’s slot, running through Election Day.


1 Comment on Ashleigh Banfield moves to HLN, 8pm

  1. I think its disgusting, Ashleigh was a great Reporter.I always watched her Show at Noon. Enough of the damn Elections, we’re sick to death of it, just about 2 Years, enough already.

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