Report: Murdoch sons see CNN’s Jeff Zucker as a top pick for running Fox News

CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s contract is expected to expire at the end of next year. There has been some speculation what Zucker may do after CNN, if his contract isn’t renewed, such as running for mayor of New York City.

But, according to reporting from the Hollywood Reporter, Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James and Lachlan Murdoch, see CNN boss Zucker as one of their top picks to take over Fox News. Fox’s CEO Roger Ailes resigned over a month ago growing sexual harrassment charges.

According to THR insiders, Zucker makes far less in salary at CNN than the $20 million that Ailes reportedly made at Fox News and, irksomely, he doesn’t have the access to the Time Warner company plane that other top execs enjoy. Fox, with profits as much as three times greater than CNN’s, could presumably offer him a much richer deal.

But sources close to Zucker deny there are any talks pertaining to him moving to Fox News, pointing to the fact his contract has another year.

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