Donald Trump Jr hits at CNN for its Trump surrogates — and Cuomo and Stelter

Donald Trump Jr. criticized CNN for its hiring practices of Trump surrogates as “from the street” and then putting them up against professional liberal pundits, reports BuzzFeed.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio program, Trump Jr said, CNN has “a panel of 8 professional, liberal but professional, people on a panel, and they find like one Trump supporter from the street, who has no real political knowledge, and they just happen to be supporter, and they put that person up against 8 people who do this for a living and try to make it seem like that’s a fair fight. I mean, it’s so ridiculous I can’t even watch it anymore.”

It’s worth noting that on CNN’s payroll included Trump surrogates that aren’t exactly “from the street” — including former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, former Ronald Reagan staffer Jeffrey Lord, Harvard Law graduate Kayleigh McEnany, and commentator Scottie Nell Hughes.

Hannity also took the time to criticize CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter. “Yeah, the Clinton News Network, they have little pipsqueak, so-called media critic, his show is ‘Unreliable Liberal Media Matters Sources’ and it’s sort of like the Media Matters show,” Hannity said. “You’ve got Brian ‘the stenographer’ Stelter doing the bidding of Jeff Zucker.”

Trump Jr chimed in about New Day‘s Chris Cuomo. “They make it so blatant, when you have, what was it, Chris Cuomo, the other day saying, ‘we did everything else we possibly could to help Hillary.’ They’re saying this stuff on air. He’s always been very nice to me, but you know, he’s terrible to us on the air. And when they’re saying ‘we’ve done everything we possibly could to help Hillary Clinton,’ I’m saying `’what? what?’ They’ve gotten rid of even the notion that you’re supposed to be objective.”

That clip, of course, Jr is referencing, happened in 2014 — but since when do facts matter?

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