Turner boss says “it’s a question of when, not if” CNN will pass Fox

Turner Broadcasting CEO John Martin spoke to Variety about CNN’s success and about CNN Worldwide president, Jeff Zucker.

Talking about Zucker’s tenure at CNN, Martin said, “I couldn’t be more proud of how the brand has evolved. It’s been nothing short of a spectacular success story for us.”

“[Zucker’s] changed the attitude at CNN,” primetime anchor Erin Burnett says in a separate interview. “Everyone feels that they can win.”

Complimenting Zucker’s leadership, Martin added, “Frankly, the morale of CNN is so much better today than it was a number of years ago. That’s in part because of Jeff’s direct leadership and in part because the employees feel like they are on a winning team.”

“It’s a question of when, not if” CNN will pass Fox News, Martin says confidently. “You’re seeing diversity on air, diversity of opinion,” which is certainly true, with the addition of political analysts and commentators, such as David Gregory, the addition of conservative commentator Mary Katherine Ham and Donald Trump supporters Kayleigh McEnany, Jeffrey Lord, and most controversially, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“In terms of business outcome, CNN is going to have a record year in terms of revenues and profits.”

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