Bloggers allege CNN cut Brianna Keilar’s negative Clinton report; Keilar says, not so

Red bloggers began salivating when CNN’s senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar was reporting on At This Hour about Hillary Clinton — when her feed abruptly went dark as she pointed out Clinton’s vulnerabilities:

“But largely Hillary Clinton’s comments here today, John, were based around the recent violence that we have seen. The police-involved shootings of black men in Minnesota, in Louisiana, and the killing of white police officers by a black gunman in Dallas. That was really what she based her comments on around today.

“And remember Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself. So, even as she calls for criminal justice reform because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again–”

Anchor John Berman said, “Uh oh,” followed with, “We just lost Brianna Keilar,” before moving on.

Some attempted to claim CNN cut her feed to protect Clinton.

Not so, Keilar says, pointing out that she continued her reporting later on in the day.

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