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Brianna Keilar gets engaged

CNN’s senior political correspondent and fill-in anchor Brianna Keilar announced her engagement to the director for Afghanistan and Pakistan at the White House’s National Security Council, Fernando Lujan.

“I’m pretty excited about spending the rest of my life with this guy,” Keilar wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

According to the Washington Post report, they met at a happy hour near the White House in the summer of 2012, Keilar says, and she kept trying to set Lujan up with her friends. In the end, he eventually asked her out himself.

Lujan had enlisted her mother’s help in planning a June proposal and a party in her native California. But Keilar’s mother, Miriam, died unexpectedly in May, and the proposal didn’t go off as planned. “It didn’t happen but it’s been very special to know that’s what my mom was cooking up with Fernando in her final days,” she says.


2 Comments on Brianna Keilar gets engaged

  1. Well this is surprising, I hadn’t heard she had gotten a divorce. She got married to a guy named Dave French back in 2009. I stumbled upon their wedding pics a few years ago:

  2. I gues she cheated on Dave French. That makes her an adulterer and whore

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