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John Phillips joins CNN

Another Donald Trump surrogate, John Phillips, has joined CNN, effective today, as a political commentator. Phillips is a talk radio show host in Los Angeles. Fellow Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes also joined the network today.

Phillips joins the Trump stable at the network, made up of Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnary, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and now Hughes, as well.


2 Comments on John Phillips joins CNN

  1. Just witnessed John Phillips on Reliable Sources, he eas asked if he has experienced media bias in his market: he answered, hey, I’m from L.A. and I am surrounded by, “Jews, Gays and Scienceto logists.” Talk about bias. Fire him.

  2. John Phillips needs to apologize to the people who truly have tourettes syndrome. How do you get to join CNN as a political commentator and yet be so ignorant?

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