CNN denies report it was in talks with Lewandowski before lengthy on-air interview

After news of fired Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joining CNN began to circle, so too did rumors on just when the network and Lewandowski first discussed the possibility of him joining CNN.

According to the inital Politico report, immediately after Lewandowski finished his thirty-minute interview with political correspondent Dana Bash, he held a meeting with a CNN executive about him potentially joining CNN.

But sources told Mediaite that wasn’t the case, and that Lewandowski and CNN had been in talks about him joining the network prior to the interview.

Had CNN offered Lewandowski a gig and then subsequently interviewed him for thirty minutes on-air without disclosing it, it would have been highly unethical, as many on Twitter were quick to point out.

A CNN spokeswoman denied Mediaite’s report. “It’s categorically not true that [Corey] Lewandowski was offered a job before doing interview with Dana Bash.”

Bash, too, dismisses the report:

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