Robin Meade, morning anchor for almost fifteen years running

Morning Express anchor Robin Meade was interviewed by the Daily Mail in a video Q&A, and the interviewer kicked it off by pointing out that Meade had been on the air at HLN for almost fifteen years.

Meade is the longest-running anchor of a morning show, led by a female. She pointed out, “If they’re not watching, I get fired — being honest.”

Daily Mail pointed out that a lot of other morning shows had a high turnover of anchors, whereas she had stayed at the helm of HLN’s for so long. (It’s worth noting that New Day, which launched just a few years ago, has already lost two of its original anchors, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira).

The reason for Meade’s HLN’s success, she cites, is that everyone has a morning routine — and not a lot of time, and Meade gives them the news as quickly as possible to get them informed and out the door.

When asked if she paid much attention to her competition morning shows at Today or Good Morning America or others, Meade responded, “CNN — our sister network, CNN. We are all pulling from the sources… So [I watch New Day] to see what kind of sources I can pull from.”

Meade noted her appreciation of her CNN bosses that they allow her to take some time to sing. “It’s nice to have bosses that allow me to do those things and aren’t like ‘Why aren’t you a journalist all the time?'”

She ended her interview with the Daily Mail by singing a line of her song, Dirty Laundry.

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