Primetime anchor Ismael Cala resigns from CNN

Primetime news anchor Ismael Cala announced on the end of his program on CNN en Espanol, Cala, his intention to leave the network on July 1. He has been with CNN for 15 years.

“News used to be the center of my life. Today, my mission has changed. I’m no longer interested in finding journalism exclusives, but that’s the essence of a program like this.”

He revealed he is dedicating the next six months to strengthening Cala Enterprises, a company he founded over four years ago, which currently has over 20 employees, as well as working on his Ismael Cala foundation, which focuses on vocational and leadership youth training.

“Why am I leaving? Because the time to retreat is not when others force you, but when you still have the strength and capacity to seize the moment and take a leap into the unknown.”

Cala noted he negotiated his exit from the network “leaving the door open.”

On the Facebook page, CNNE said, “Ismael Cala decides to dedicate his career as a writer, conference como escritor, speaker and coach, leaving CNN en Español. We wish him the best!”

After July 1, the show will become Kmilo and will be hosted by CNNE colleague Camilo Egaña.

(H/t MediaMoves)

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