Jeff Zucker is Trump’s “personal booker,” steers candidates to certain programs

In an interview with Politico, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough accused CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker of “turn(ing) their entire broadcast center over to” GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Scarborough alleges, “And Trumps laughs and calls Zucker ‘my personal booker,’ because Zucker will call Trump.”

“Trump will laugh every time Zucker calls because Zucker will call to personally book him.”

But, Mediaite adds some reporting to Politico’s conversation with Scarborough. According to their sources, Zucker “personally books all the candidates and big gets, and doles them out to whichever anchor he wants,” and reportedly doesn’t allow the show’s producers to try to book big guests, such as Hillary Clinton or Trump.

The site’s source claims Zucker steers candidates to New Day, State of the Union, or AC360, even if they would prefer to appear on a different program.

“[Zucker] wants to prop up the Sunday show and the morning show and the 8 pm show,” the source tells Mediaite.

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