Man in penis costume sneaks on CNN

During a broadcast of CNN Newsroom, a man in a penis costume sneaked behind senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta in the middle of a report to anchor Brooke Baldwin.

Acosta was reporting on Donald Trump’s attacks on the media on Tuesday as the man walked behind him.

According to a Yahoo News reporter, the sign the man was holding reportedly said “Photos with Donald Trump.”

Just a few weeks ago, CNN aired a tweet that was asking about Trump’s manhood — and now, a man in a penis costume appeared on CNN.

What’s next?

(H/t NY Daily News)

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  1. Maybe if they didn’t run every single Trump rally/presser/interview 24/7 someone in the gallery would have noticed what was going on in the background. It’s gotten to the point that when I turn on CNN if I don’t see Donald Trump I get nervous that some cataclysmic event must have happened to turn their attention away from him.

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