Chris Cuomo invited Trump’s spox to call him an idiot

New Day anchor Chris Cuomo invited Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson to call him an idiot on Wednesday.

She declined.

“Katrina, when you don’t like what I say, do you call me an idiot? No. Why not?” Cuomo continued, “Why is it okay for Mr. Trump to do it but not okay for you to do it with me? This is your chance. You don’t like the reporting, you don’t like how I put the questions, you’re not going to call me something like that, right? Why is it okay for him to do it?”

The Trump spokeswoman explained, “If you’re attacking me personally, I might call you an idiot. But you don’t do that.”

Trump has expressed his displeasure about Cuomo in the past on Twitter — as well as on New Day‘s air.

(H/t Washington Post)

1 reply

  1. Well, he is an idiot. What an unprofessional way for the lead anchor on the flagship morning program of CNN to behave. All he did was stoop to Donald Trump’s level of ridiculousness. A ship of fools.

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