Kate Bolduan to anchor State of the Race on CNN International

Starting next Monday, Kate Bolduan will anchor State of the Race, a brand new US politics-based show on CNN International weekdays at 2:30pm ET, broadcasting from the network’s New York bureau.

Kate Bolduan said, “This has already been a race like no other, and it is clear there is a lot more to come. Every night we’re going to bring our international audiences along for the ride – offering the very latest developments from the campaign trail and giving them the inside scoop of what is really going on within the campaigns and in the minds of American voters.”

CNNI EVP Tony Maddox said, “As we get into the decisive campaign stages and open up key election battlegrounds, State of the Race will bring an insiders’ view from one of CNN’s most skilled political journalists.”

Bolduan’s show displaces CNN Newsroom anchor Zain Asher, who has anchored that timeslot since September 2015.

A CNN insider insists Asher will become a fill-in anchor, including on Quest Means Business, and can be expected to anchor other programs from the New York bureau.

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