Michaela Pereira’s CNN sendoff to join HLN

CNN anchor Michaela Pereira received a warm sendoff this morning from her New Day crew; co-anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota had plenty of nice things to say about her, as well as fellow CNN morning anchors John Berman and Christine Romans.

On HLN, Morning Express guest anchor Susan Hendricks played the video montage of Pereira’s New Day departure, adding, “She’s joining our family for a brand new show, we cannot wait, it is this summer!”

After piecing together clips of some of Pereira’s interviews, her co-anchors tossed to HLN morning anchor Robin Meade. Meade’s show will be airing before Pereira’s new show.

Meade explained, “I look at it this way, you’ve been having Thanksgiving dinner with those cousins over there [at CNN], all you’re doing is coming to your cousins at HLN to have Thanksgiving with us.”

New Day ended with the CNN behind-the-scenes crew waving affectionately goodbye, and on the video wall, via satellite, HLN’s Atlanta-based anchors Susan Hendricks, Bob Van Dillen, Jennifer Westhoven, and Melissa Knowles were seen waving from Studio 7.

She is expected to start at HLN in June.

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