CNN to air Anderson Cooper documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid

CNN Films will re-air the HBO documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid, based on the life of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s mother, socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, on Friday night in primetime.

A quick synopsis for the film notes, “Journalist Anderson Cooper examines the life and legacy of his mother, fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt.”

NewsDay gave the film a B+ rating.

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  1. What I learned: I thought I did not belong or that I was living someone else’s profile because I was adopted, but you can be a member of your own clan and still feel solitary. Painting nourished my soul as it did Gloria’s. I am my best Sue and Gloria was (and still is) her best Gloria. Honest reflection and clarity are admirable qualities. An afternoon with Gloria would be delightful. She and I mother in a similar manner. We both love being a member of our children’s audience, but have our own stages.

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