Ben Carson bizarrely suggests CNN anchor has been charged with a crime

With no proof — but, then again, this is the 2016 election cycle, and what proof is needed? — former GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson suggested that CNN anchor John Berman had a criminal record today, in defense of Donald Trump campaign manger Corey Lewandowski over his incident with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

“Well, I mean, a lot of people have been charged with various things,” Carson responded to the question of whether or not Lewandoski should stay atop the Trump campaign. “That doesn’t necessarily mean we need to demonize them. You’ve probably been charged with something too, maybe with a misdemeanor or something. It doesn’t mean you’re an evil, horrible person.”

His At This Hour co-anchor, Kate Bolduan, quickly turned and looked at Berman.

“I actually haven’t, as far as I know,” Berman replied lightly, but Carson ignored him and continued talking over him.

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