Thousands of Bernie Sanders protest CNN’s coverage at LA bureau

An estimated two thousand Bernie Sanders supporters protested outside of the CNN Building in Hollywood, home to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau. In this election cycle, Sanders supporters have accused CNN on numerous occasions of a bias in their coverage towards him, or have simply accused the network of ignoring him altogether.

Just last week, a site in support of Sanders hit CNN for what they say is an example of the network downplaying his win in Alaska.

“I think a lot of candidates have been treated unfairly, but I think some have been obviously favored,” said Stephanie Lieb, a Sanders supporter. “Trump and Hillary. Those are really the two that everyone’s hearing about. People are hearing about Bernie but they don’t understand what he’s about.”

According to an NBC report, the police were aware of the protest, and organizers of the protest were working with police to ensure all laws were properly followed.

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