Chris Cuomo is ‘feeling abandoned’ by Michaela Pereira’s HLN move? Yeah, right.

With only a few weeks left now until Michaela Pereira officially signs off of New Day and moves to CNN’s Los Angeles bureau to begin anchoring her new, un-named morning show on HLN, her CNN co-anchor Chris Cuomo is beginning to talk about her departure.

In a tweet, Pereira says that Cuomo is “feeling abandoned” by her move to HLN. Her last day with CNN will be on April 29.

Of course, that may be difficult to believe for some, myself included. In 2013, FTVLive had reported that Pereira was “not happy” with her CNN work and life on the East Coast. Flash forward a year, and in 2014, it was rumored that Cuomo “is insecure about [Pereira], because she is a natural on mornings. It’s her career talent … so they push her aside so he looks bigger.”

But now, her departure is breaking his heart?

Yeah, right.

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  1. Chris Cuomo is pompous, arrogant, and disrespectful, and to add to that, he exhibits it all under handedly and slyly so it appears he is doing nothing wrong. I have observed him talking to Michaela without looking her in the eye like he doesn’t like her, and conversating with the other co-anchor and tuning Michaela out. He’s an ass to put it simply. It’s all about Him, and his dysfunctional Italian Family. Kudos to Michaela for getting her own show. I hope what goes around comes around, and Chris soon falls on his own sword.

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