CNN shuffles reporters around

VP of newsgathering for CNN/US Terence Burke announced a few bureau changes for CNN’s correspondents yesterday, along with the addition of a new correspondent.

Miami correspondent Alina Machado has left CNN. She has been with the network since 2013. In the internal memo, Burke commented on her departure. “I want to thank Alina Machado for her excellent work and her outstanding professionalism during her tenure at CNN. A few weeks ago Alina informed us that she would be leaving CNN at the end of her contract. We wish her all the best in her future pursuits.”

Effective April 11, Boris Sanchez, who joined last June, will be moving to the Miami bureau to fill Machado’s shoes. Sanchez will primarily cover Florida and the Southeast U.S.

Filing Sanchez’s role at the New York City bureau, Jessica Schneider will be joining CNN as a correspondent. Schneider will be joining CNN from WCBS on April 11. She will serve as a general assignment correspondent as well as a contributing correspondent to CNN’s crime and justice team.

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