Trump accuses CNN contributor of affair with Ted Cruz

In response to the accusations mounting the past few days that CNN’s Amanda Carpenter had an affair with her former boss, GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, Carpenter appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper to exclusively address the rumors.

Firmly denying the rumors, she stated, “No, I’ve had a purely professional relationship with Senator Cruz, and I want to go further than that: I’ve been 100% faithful to my husband. There’s nothing more important to me than being a good wife and a good mother and it’s been very hard to have my character called into question.”

Standing alongside Carpenter, Tapper mused, “I’ve worked for a lot of powerful women in my day — no one has ever come at me for having an affair with one of the powerful women I’ve worked for. But I do see this a lot in Washington: you’re a woman, and you work for somebody, and immediately people begin lobbing sexist allegations.”

At the conclusion of The Lead race, the anchor again re-iterated that he, and those at CNN, stood by Carpenter. “Our love to your husband and your two beautiful children, that we all at CNN know you’re devoted to.”

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