Charges of anti-Bernie Sanders sentiments at CNN

A site supporting Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is crying foul, insisting that CNN is revealing its “undeniable bias” against Senator Sanders.

Referencing his win in Alaska, CNN’s report read, “These caucus states — largely white and rural — are the type of places Sanders traditionally does well. In order to win the nomination, he must replicate this success in other, more ethnically diverse states…”

The problem, as Sanders’ support site sees it, is that CNN itself referred to Alaska as pretty ethically diverse just a few months prior, calling it the “most diverse place in America”:

According to CNN in January, Alaska’s diversity “may surprise folks from the Lower 48 who picture Alaska as a largely homogenous and snowy American extremity. But Alaskans are quite proud of their distinctive demographics.”

As Vets for Bernie puts it:

Last week, Alaska was the “Most Diverse Place in America.”

This week, Bernie Sanders won the Alaska Caucuses, and the state suddenly became “Largely White and Rural.”

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