Chris Cuomo defends his choice to wear Castro’s shirt while anchoring in Cuba

CNN’s New Day anchor Chris Cuomo received criticism from the usual circles (Newsbusters and Rush Limbaugh, for example) a few days ago for his choice to wear a shirt that, as he explained on New Day, was a gift from dictator Fidel Castro to his father, the late governor of New York Mario Cuomo.

As he explained, after prompted to by co-anchors Michaela Pereira and Alisyn Camerota, “I wear this for a reason: this shirt belonged to my father. It was given to him by Fidel Castro as a gift that — you know, it didn’t mean something to him because it came from Fidel Castro necessarily, but because it marked conversations going on decades ago that were the same as those today. The concern was the freedom of the people.”

Then yesterday on Facebook, he decided to pushback against those who were critical of his decision to wear the shirt.

“A guayabera is not a Castro shirt. And I wore it because my father gave it to me as a reminder of his and many others long time struggle to change the oppression of the good Cuban people. Pop got the shirt from Castro 30 yrs ago after a discussion the two men had in NYC about why human rights and personal freedoms must be a starting point of any society. Castro had different ideas obviously. That’s what the shirt means to me. That’s why I wore it,” he wrote.

And then, he added, “Any other suggestion is [bull shit]. Period.”

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