CNN leads in the demo for Super Tuesday #2

Just like the previous Super Tuesday of this cycle, CNN led in the 25-54 demo last night, their coverage led by CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

As the network notes, CNN continues to be the place where Americans watch election returns, with the network ranking #1 among adults 25-54 and 18-34 during last night’s Super Tuesday 2 coverage. In primetime (8-11pm), CNN was top rated with 942k, Fox News followed with 875k and MSNBC once again lagged far behind with 422k. Among younger viewers (18-34), CNN was top-rated by wide margins with 332k, Fox News had 156k and MSNBC trailed with 98k. In total viewers, CNN had 2.680 million, +71% more than MSNBC’s 1.564 million; Fox News had 3.668 million.

During the live coverage block (7pm – 1:30am) CNN was also #1, averaging 766k to Fox News’ 678k and to MSNBC’s 340k. In younger viewers (18–34), CNN outperformed the competition with 254k to Fox News’ 111k and to MSNBC’s 73k. In total viewers CNN bested MSNBC (2.093million vs. MSNBC’s 1.263million); Fox News had 2.734 million during this time period.

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